Why Just One
Why Just One Trailer
Executive Producers: Captain Paul Watson, Richard Dean Anderson, & Andrea Gordon • Music by Moby • Associate Producer Holly Marie Combs • Produced, Edited and Directed by Michael Colin

About the Film

In Costa Rica, a legal loophole creates a black market for sea turtle eggs and fuels poaching.

After poachers murder a young conservationist, Sea Shepherd crew set out to stop poachers and defend sea turtles.

Their lives – and the survival of the sea turtles- hang in balance.


Take Action - #STOPTHESALE

1. Join us in asking the Costa Rican government to ban the sale of sea turtle eggs and show your support for turtles by pledging never to eat their eggs.

2. Eat plants not animals. Sea turtles are frequently killed by commercial shrimping and fishing operations. Your personal choices save lives.

3. Pass on the plastic. Skip the straw, carry a cup and bring your own bag.   Plastic in the oceans kills sea turtles and other marine animals when they mistake it for food or become entangled.

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Host a Screening

Join the movement to save the oceans and spread the word about saving sea turtles.   Show this pivotal film in your community or school or even host a screening party at your home.

Contact us and we’ll set you up with a free screening kit and copy of the film!

View a list of Sea Shepherd screenings.


About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have roamed the ocean for over 100 million years, and witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Now, they are endangered globally and their greatest threat is egg poaching. The critically endangered Eastern Pacific Leatherback's population has crashed over 97% in just 30 years.

Poaching and the sale of turtle eggs are problems we can stop.